I Thought That It Might Be A Good Idea

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Jonathan Tanguay #4 I thought that it might be a good idea to start off with this question because I feel that this course has changed much of my views on rome and everything that goes along with that. I have never been much of a history buff. I never liked history in school and I always thought that it was just a bunch of boring memorization. I’m a science major and I plan on sticking to that all through college so taking this course was really just because I needed to fill a gen ed. However I have always liked war, battles and stuff like that so I thought this class could change my mind about roman or even change my mind about history. I remember when this class first started and i found out that i need to watch a show for the class and got all happy cuz watching a show for homework is pretty sweet. Not only that but watching the show rome really made me look at roman in a different light and i realized that this is really a cool topic. I learned that if you take a step back and look at romans ecosystem and how it all flows. As a science major it 's so interesting to make comparisons of how rome was then to how humans are now. We all act the same in so many ways. From the way that we set up our social class to the way that we have politics, to some extent even though the things we learned about happened so long ago there are so many connections that we can make to now that it is really amazing. I think that is what i should have done from the start. I think
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