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"I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem" by Maryse Conde

"Witchcraft-the power or practices of witches" Webster's New World Dictionary.

Witchcraft is a term which sprouts many different meanings. As stated above, it is attributed to witches. But what is a witch? Probably an evil haggish-like women who has signed a pact with the devil if we think of it in the English sense. So witchcraft must be evil doings; putting curses on people to make their life miserable, using wicked spells to transform humans to frogs etc. But does this hold true to everyone's idea of what witchcraft is.People's believes on the subject of witchcraft might differ between different cultures.

Such is the case in the tragic story "I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem"
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These ugly, wicked ladies who hide in the daytime readying their caldron of boiling potion containing frogs, bats, mouse, poison mushrooms etc. for the night when they fly on broomsticks performing nasty spells, claiming victims by curses and evil plagues.Tituba, the main character, was identified and accused of being a witch. "Help me, Tituba, to find the person who has done me wrong and punish him. Let his firstborn, if there is one, perish from something like smallpox.

If there isn't a child yet, may his wife never bear one! I know you can do it! Everyone says you are the most awesome of witches!"pg 86 This is what the residents in Salem led to think of Tituba. But was she really a witch, or was she evil like how the Puritans viewed them? Did she use her power to harm people or to comfort people? Did her actions strike sickness or to cure them?

Of course the purposes of her talents were for healing which was what Tituba excelled in. But the constant use of the word "witch", in offense against her, made her ponder for the meaning. "What is a witch? I noticed that when he said the word, it was marked with disapproval. Why should that be? Why?

Isn't the ability to communicate with the invisible world, to keep constant links with the dead, to care for others and heal, a superior gift of nature that inspires respect, admiration, and gratitude? Consequently,

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