I, Too By Langston Hughes

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Imagine being born in a country where one is limited to their surrounding by their identity; imagine being born in to a country where your kind is look shame upon, where one is limited just because of your skin color, and where neighboring superior rules over you with no regards. This was the America before the civil right movement that started in 1954. After experiencing racial discrimination and racism in college, Langston Hughes dropped put and decide to move to Harem and began his work their as a poet, and social activist. One of famous work is the poem called, “I, Too”, it explores the history of racial prejudice, from its present toward the longing future. This ambitious poem expresses the speaker’s resistance to forbid under the pressure of the oppression, and the battle to preserve his sense of identity while working toward a future with equality. Throughout the poem the speaker expresses the racial inequality that he or she experiences, and soon how it will all change, although the speaker was using singular noun throughout the poem it actually is plural. These singular plural were not meant to describe one individual, but the whole black community as a whole to oppress racial prejudice and its struggle toward a racial equality future. It first begins with “I, too, sing America,”(l 1) with no identity given to the speaker, nor any mentions of the others to whom the speaker is singing it to. The first line opens up questions for its audiences as to why the speaker
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