I Too Had A Love Story Essay

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“I Too Had A Love Story” has been written by Ravinder Singh, a software engineer, who was brought up in a small town of Burla in Orissa. The author has described the examples of his personal life in the story. This story reveals the touching and authentic side of what happens to a man’s life when he loves a woman truly, madly and deeply. Being a love story, the genre is very fascinating and appealing to many teenagers who have experienced the spirit of love and relationships in their lives and those who have sacrificed something for other’s happiness.
The story starts at the reunion of Ravinder’s (the author and the lead protagonist of the story) college friends at one of his friend’s house in Kolkata. They were the best buddies during their college hostel life and stayed in touch even after so many years. They met after so long so the meet definitely went great. A conversation during night took a smooth turn towards a topic they’ve been avoiding for long. Education- Done, a good job- Done, Bank balance- Well in progress, what about the next thing in life- The next big thing. Finding a life partner or a love interest seemed the only fit for that category. None of them had any love interest back then, neither did they show any to sacrifice their bachelorhood with which they were very well content. But after the conversation ended, they did
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She seemed all well and lively. She was wearing the ring he was supposed to slide in her fingers on the day of the engagement. She showed him how much she loved him, slid a ring into his fingers, kept her head on his shoulder and thanked him for giving her the love of her life. Before Ravin could understand any further, he woke up from his dream to find his cell vibrating. It was Khushi’s dad. She was no more. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking to
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