I Too Sing America Analysis

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Singing America
Langston Hughes has cited Walt Whitman as one of his greatest influences he has had, and some believe that Hughes wrote "I, Too, Sing America" in response to Whitman's "I Hear America Singing." Hughes builds on to Whitman's poem by writing his poem along the same lines and basics as Whitman's. Both poems talk about the way people work hard, how they sing America, and the way they are so content and never complain. All the characters work all day and they sing America, meaning they are hoping that one day, they can be treated equal like the whites in America. With Hughes adding on and building on this poem of Whitman's, it shows a bigger meaning with the characters. Shows the relation between blacks and whites. The poem, I,
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Same goes for the way the black man is singing America in Hughes poem, I, Too, Sing America. The black man singing America shows how he wants to be free and treated the same as the whites he is serving. In Hughes poem, he explains, "I, too, sing America. I am the darker brother. They send me to eat in the kitchen. When company comes," He is to serve and then eat somewhere else where others won't see him. This adds on to Whitman's poem the way the characters also work and one day hoping for freedom. The last final message in Walt Whitman's poem, I Hear America Singing, and Langston Hughes, I, Too, Sing America, is the notice of how consent the workers are. They never complain and just perform like nothing is ever unsatisfactory. Of course they think about freedom and all the "what if's", but they are so handy and work like no other. In Whitman's poem, all the characters do their own jobs with nothing to worry about, and they work all day. And they sing their songs joyfully and they mind their own business, knowing that one day all will be equal. In this poem, Whitman says, "Singing with open mouths their strong melodious songs." They work until night and then repeat the next day, worrying about nothing. Supporting Whitman's poem, is Langston Hughes poem, I Too, Sing America, and his character works for the whites and doesn't complain either. He is so confident and he knows that one day he will be the one getting served, this builds on to
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