I Too Sing America

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kishia jones 12\10\04

The voice of one person can send a profound sound into the hearts of people to help liberate one 's mind. That profound sound is seen through poetry. The creative structure and style of poetry creates a different form of writing that can either have rhythm, alliteration or have a direct message. In the poem "I Too Sing America", by Langston Hughes had a significant message in that he desired to voice his expression on the issue of black oppression in America. Langston basic themes focused on the American Dream and the possibilities of hope and advancement were constantly present in his poetry. The tension between the unrealized dream and the realities of the black experience in
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His words were simple and heartfelt, his rhythms natural and unaffected, his ideas sincere and straightforward. Leaves of Grass is one of the great national epics, it describes the freedom of spirit and colors Whitman 's vision of his country.

This poem underscores Whitman 's basic attitude toward America, which is part of his ideal of human life. The American nation has based its faith on the creativeness of labor, which Whitman glorifies in this poem. This poem expresses Whitman 's love of America with its lively atmosphere and the people 's achievement. What Whitman failed to see was that he was looking from the white American perspective and not the eyes of the African American man. Langston Hughes, being American, tells all of us in his poetry that freedom must belong to all of us before it can be freedom for anyone. For, indeed, the black man 's roots are deep in America, even deeper than those of most white Americans. Therefore, Hughes celebrates America as well, but not an America that is but an America that is to come.

The poem "I, too" inspires me to see that poetry can enhance the spirit of the people. Clearly, there is a transformation of the black community as a whole from its long history of confinement. Also, note that Langston also writes intelligently and creatively about the community rather than just himself. At the

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