I Try To Keep A Detailed History Of My Episodic And Semantic

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I try to keep a detailed history of my episodic and semantic memory (Damjanovic, 2010). Was I taught how to do things, like tying my shoe, by the Matrix, or did I learn aspects like my procedural memory before I entered? Was it the Matrix who taught me how to log an algorithm in its predecessor or was it my teacher in 10th grade? Or was she a simulation as well? The world is the same as I thought it was, my semantic memory, in touch and correct as far as I know, and what I know to be true is not much. Nevertheless, I thought I was living in Tennessee, however I escaped and found out I was actually in rural Idaho, at one of the many Matrix headquarters. This is what I like to believe is my first real episodic memory (Dautenhahn, 2002). It…show more content…
But once I started to question the way of things, such as believing everything I saw, heard or thought, or thought I remembered, I escaped. But now I have to venture through the complexity of the other aspects of cognition and try to decide what is real and what wasn’t simulated.
I perceived the world to be real only a week ago. The world I was living in seemed right, seemed real, but my perception was clouded by the Matrix. What I thought was a class at college, a school in rural Tennessee was actually a simulation controlled by a super computer. Perception, the way one organizes, gives meaning to and manufactures recognition of everything and anything (Gray & Wegner, 2012). We perceive things differently, everyone sees, hears and senses the world differently by giving things different latent constructs. My perception is plagued by the falsities provided by the Matrix, where I question what my actual previous knowledge is and what is my simulated knowledge, or is it the same (Matlin, 2013)? My interpretation, after reading about the computer processing system that controlled my mind and other sources on perception through old books, is that I am able to read and write because I learned how to recognize the patterns that make up each letter, word, and slash that creates each word in my lexicon, otherwise known as my vocabulary. Whether this was taught by the forces at hand or

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