I Use One Person From My Internship

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I administer 3 tests, one of which was AD8, VAMC SLUMS, and MMSE. I used two of my family members as volunteers and I used one person from my internship. Starting with the AD8 test, the score was 5 which indicate that this person is likely to have cognitive impairment present. This person is an eight year old woman. Who stays in a senior building in Maywood, IL, alone, single, has 1 child, African-American, middle-class. She’s hard of hearing, I had to repeat the questions more than once, and she couldn’t see from far distances. She was not very focus on the test, She was dazing off and then coming back asking me to repeat the question. I addressed these issues by sitting right in front of her, making sure I pronounced every word clearly, I handed the her a blank copy of the test (follow along), and I asked if we could sit a quiet place during the assessment (pay attention better). After the test was over I asked how she felt after the test. She responded that she feel that something is wrong with her mind. And she said she has indeed been forgetting a lot of things lately. I asked has there been a change in her medication within the past year. If so some medication can affect the brain function. And she said she will talk to her doctor about the medication and side effects. Giving this test made me feel good because she actually took the time out to let me test her cognitive ability. I thought it was easy and hard at the same time because she was not focusing in the
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