I Used Three Days Continues To Recall And Complete The

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I used three days continues to recall and complete the first part of the Project. I chose three days continues because I wanted to know how well I ate and how active I was, so I can know what to do and what not to in order to stay active. I chose Friday, Saturday and Sunday continues since I go to the gym mostly on these days.
In addition, the result from the first part of the project was quite impressive because I was able to recall every single thing I did. My calories, proteins, vitamins and other important minerals in take were almost up to the recommended intake, which made me very proud though some were way below the recommended intake, which I plan on working on them in order to maintain a good and a healthy body. In the analysis, I
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Overall I think it was impressive. There were vitamins I consumed too much which am working on currently. I consumed too much of Vitamin C, the recommended intake was 75.00mg, while I consumed 208.88mg, which means I consumed 133.88mg more than recommended, which was twice the recommended intake. I also consumed more protein, the recommended was 55.16g, but I consumed 60.32g, which was not really too much, but would have been better if I stayed in range. Furthermore, I consumed more fats as well, my fat intake was 56.37g while the recommended was 47.34g, saturated fat intake was 17.98g while the recommended was 15.22g, vitamin A was 703.73mcg while recommended was 700.00mcg, which was very close to the recommended intake. Vitamin B2 was 1.20mg and recommended intake was 1.10mg. Carbohydrates recommended intake was 209.22g while my actual intake was 238.25g.
As compared to My Plate Food Guide report, my intakes were not that perfect because it was either too much or too little and there was not even a single part I had a perfect score. My grain intake was 78%, which in amount was 3.9 oz equivalent, the recommended intake which was a 100% was equivalent to 5.0 oz. It was clear I needed to aim for at least 2.5 whole grains a day. My vegetables intake was 69%, which in amount was 1.4 cup equivalent, the recommended intake in amount was 2.0 cup
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