I Used to Live Here Once by Jean Rhys

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Throughout the years there have been many poets and writers who all have different thoughts and ideas on things that they write. In some way or another all stories are alike. How they are interpreted and read are important factors in reading. When reading a poem or a story there is always a deeper meaning involved in them. The authors of the literature try to capture the readers by utilizing characterization, rhythm and realistic experiences. Our imagination is what will help us visualize what the author intended us to perceive. In this essay I will provide the difference between two stories and I will also show the similarities in them. The two that I have chosen are “Dog’s Death” by John Updike, which is a poem and “I Used to Live Here…show more content…
We know that there are children in the story as well as two adults, husband and wife. Behind every line that is spoken about you can see that there is a hidden meaning behind it. The way the author is so descriptive helps us have a visual of what is going on in this poem. In the end it is clear what the story is focused on. The love the family has for its dog is so enormous that they thought the act of caring would with any luck keep their dog hanging on for just a little bit longer. Jean Ryes short story describes a woman’s journey and the difficult challenge it was to except her death. As Jean starts out in the story she gets our imagination rolling by one simple sentence, “She was standing by the river looking at the stepping stones and remembering each one”. Closing our eyes and imagining our self standing next to a river you can picture what she is saying. Throughout the story Jean uses descriptive words to explain what is happening. Her story is about a mystery woman who seems to be a spirit visiting a place where she once lived. The author follows the woman on her journey from a close by river and down an old unfinished road that leads to the home where she grew up. As I read the story I could tell that this story is written in the third person. In this case Jean was not a participant in the story. The theme of the story is not obvious in the beginning of the story.
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