I V - Adaptive Maintenance

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VI – Adaptive Maintenance Adaptive maintenance is the process of creating flexible enhancements for a given piece of software. The addition of such features can be alluring to potential customers in that it could potentially offer something unique, or it could simplify a computerized process by executing new ideas or making use of new technologies. The process of enhancing current software however, can be a bit difficult as changes would have to be able to integrate almost seamlessly to the overall structure of the existing program. In some cases the process is further complicated by the fact that existing code may need to be carefully modified in order to be able to make the intended modifications. Occasionally desired changes cannot fit…show more content…
Programs that are well maintained and refined are also cheaper to maintain due to having a better overall layout as well as better documentation. Programmers performing regular maintenance on such systems are able to be more efficient and can potentially spot any errors more easily. In some cases, a complete overhaul is necessary in order to improve the quality of a program. No system is truly perfect, however perfective maintenance can forestall the rate at which complications arise. One disadvantage is that a massive restructuring of assembly language could have a negative impact on the portability of the software itself. Typically systems that would be most likely to invest in perfective maintenance are those which serve an essential purpose in everyday life. One example would be a banking system in order to protect their software and avoid massive defects that could significantly impact their regular business operations. VIII – Reengineering Source Code Sometimes coding is so badly written that it may as well be a foreign language with non-descriptive variable names and few if any comments. Such code may be easily understood by the original programmer, however it can be difficult to read for anyone else. In such a scenario it would be beneficial to reengineer the code so that it’s more readable and easily understood by most anyone who needs to work with it. Restructuring
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