I Visit My Old High School For Their Annual Spring Musical

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On March 10, 2016, I visited my old high school for their annual spring musical which includes the band and orchestra. The orchestra generally played 4 pieces Symphony No. 5 by Beethoven, Symphony No. 9 by Beethoven, Beethoven Symphony No.6, and Tchaikovsky No.6. The orchestra would also be playing other various musical selections for private judges only. The school orchestra was conducted by Sasha Brown who is also a former member of the philharmonic orchestra. Mrs. Brown also helps assess unprivileged teens with music scholarships, and help open up many opportunities for them. The stage was brightly lit from both on stage and around the entire auditorium. The musicians were arranged in a semi-circle around stage. The back rows of the strings section were seated on risers and high stools. They were all wearing silky smooth burgundy shirts, the boys wore black pants, and the girls wore black skirts. They seemed confident in their playing, very settled, and accustomed to being on stage. Each student on stage had excellent posture and concentration. I was very impressed with the level of skill they played with, being only in high school. The music selection that was performed was classical. The orchestra was standard and composed essentially violins, violas, cellos, flutes, and etc. First the violinist gave a brief synopsis to the pieces they would be playing. After an overview of the program the rest of the performers came out on stage. Once all the performers…
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