I Visited The David Owsley Art Museum

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Have you ever had a painting that really spoke to you? When I visited the David Owsley Art Museum there was one painting in particular that stuck out to me, it was: Right Bird Left by Lee Krasner. This painting made me feel happy and gave me a lot of energy during the time I was at the museum. The reason I was happy and energized was because the painting conveyed extremely bright colors. I am a fan of these colors, which gave me a sense of joy and the energy. It caught the attention of my eye by using several different visual elements to depict an abstract representation art piece. Along with that, it used the principles of design to help the visual elements play out and work in the painting, allowing those elements to be depicted to my human eye correctly. This piece resembled bird feathers, but the artist used many different techniques to provide a bigger underlying meaning that was hiding behind such a complex painting. This piece was one of the first to the start off my learning abilities of how to understand and appreciate artwork for what it is truly worth. The painting called Right Bird Left, made me feel extremely happy. The bright colors are what drew me over to start looking at the painting. I never would have approached this picture if it were not for its size and the effective use of bright colors. I loved standing in front of it, looking at the image, and admiring all of the brush strokes and textures displaced in the different areas of the painting. I admire

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