I Visited The Homeless Charity The Bethany Christian Trust And Met Dan

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Introduction When I visited the homeless charity The Bethany Christian Trust and met Dan, he talked a lot about the homeless people in Scotland and about their supportive services. I was really impressed and inspired by their purpose and his stories about homeless young people. So, the thesis is about a youth hostel as a community for homeless young people which can help them with not only a place to sleep as a shelter, but also supportive assistance to help them exit street life. Active space is essential for all human beings. The activities in a lifetime are closely linked with the space, and cannot be separated from each other. The design of our environments, as Christopher Alexander discusses in ‘A Pattern Language’, shapes our societies. “People are different, and the way they want to place their houses in a neighborhood is one of the most basic kinds of difference.” That means some people want to live where the action is, while others want to live where is away from the action. As a result, we can make a clear distinction between all these different homes into a sequence as public, private and in-between which can be called intimacy gradient. The layout of space of a building or the community starts with the most public parts and then leads into the in-between areas, and finally to the most private domains. And in this way, it shapes our communities and societies. As for the activities and experience of human beings, the concept of privacy and publicity can be

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