I Visited The Wat Buddharangsi

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I visited the Wat Buddharangsi out in the orchards of Homestead, a Theravada Buddhist temple ordained with golden ornaments imported from Thailand and home to a group of local monks. There has always been a sort of disconnect between religion and myself, as I have grown up in what I felt was an Atheist household my whole life. It came from a naive view that I believed Buddhism was somehow 'less religious ' than other religions, which is why I chose it for my report. I learned over the course of my observations that I could not have been more wrong, and that my idea of what religious was supposed to be was a very western view cultivated by my unconsciously Christian-influenced upbringing. As I entered the grounds of the temple, a sense of…show more content…
This gesture is one of blessing in Buddhism known as 'Abhaya Mudra ', which wishes protection and comfort (Blau). I noticed the yellow robe draped over it was the same as the orange robes the residential Monks wore, aside from the color change. I gathered that this is because the Buddha is not supposed to be viewed as superior to the monks, but as an equal; a goal they should strive for. Around the courtyard, smaller statues in the shapes of frogs, turtles, and other wildlife were placed. This is because a major key principle in Buddhism is the equality of all sentient beings. There are five precepts, or rules to follow, which forbid the harm of living things, lying, stealing, sexual urges, and the use of drugs or alcohol. These precepts are obeyed to guide practicing Buddhists on a path of mindfulness, and to create good karma and eliminate the bad karma. Continuing within the garden I observed a couple of dried lotus flowers on the ground around a pond. From my own previous knowledge, I was aware that the the lotus is an ancient symbol in any sect of Buddhism, as it represents purification. The lotus is a flower that is grown from clouded water, a dark past. Yet it is vibrant and pure, as is seen the potential of any person. This meaning was the most important to me, and I related heavily to it. The idea that any person has the potential to be good
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