I Visited Wilmington Health Access For Teens For A Field Experience Observation

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I visited Wilmington Health Access for Teens for a field experience observation. Through this experience I observed different types of people seeking care in the clinic. Some people I saw in the clinic were African American females with children and Caucasian females. People who come into the clinic are seeking medical assistance and following up on routine examination appointments. I learned of different barriers when accessing care at the clinic and types of presenting health problems among adolescents and teens. From this field experience, I learned about Wilmington Health Access for Teens health services and how they help teens improve their health and provide preventions, education and outreach services to promote optimal health (Wilmington Health Access for Teens, n.d).
Based on my observations at the Wilmington Heath Access for Teens clinic, the socio economic showed a demographic of adolescents, teens, and young women with children. The Wilmington Heath Access for Teens clinic accept some health insurances and uses a sliding scale for payment for health services. Some insurances accepted are, Medicaid, NC Health Choice, and most commercial insurance (Wilmington Health Access for Teens, n.d). If the patient does not have insurance the clinic tries to work with the patient or send to Health Department for other health services. In addition, the clinic has a DSS caseworker onsite and offer assistance to patients without insurance (Wilmington Health Access for Teens,…
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