I Visited Wilmington Health Access For Teens For A Field Experience Observation

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I visited Wilmington Health Access for Teens for a field experience observation. Through this experience I observed different types of people seeking care in the clinic. Some people I saw in the clinic were African American females with children and Caucasian females. People who come into the clinic are seeking medical assistance and following up on routine examination appointments. I learned of different barriers when accessing care at the clinic and types of presenting health problems among adolescents and teens. From this field experience, I learned about Wilmington Health Access for Teens health services and how they help teens improve their health and provide preventions, education and outreach services to promote optimal health…show more content…
Some teens and young mothers are still in school or have a high school diploma and do not have the financial income for health services. Some of these reasons are because of socio economic status based on education, income levels, and professional status (Riegelman, & Kirkwood, 2014). Wilmington Health Access for Teens (WHAT) has a partnership with New Hanover County Schools (Schlitt, n.d.). WHAT provides on-site primary physical, mental and nutrition health services to students at Ashely High School, Laney High School and New Hanover High School Wellness Centers (Wilmington Health Access for Teens, n.d). This Wellness Center is similar to a regular doctor’s office and provides health services such as, annual wellness exams, wellness physicals for sports, school employment, vaccinations and immunizations, counseling, treatment for acute and chronic conditions (asthma), screening and referral for dental and eye exams, health education, and outreach and prevention programs (Wilmington Access for Teens, n.d.). Also, patients receiving laboratory services who are uninsured can participate in LabCorp’s LabAccess Partnership program. LabCorp phlebotomist collects patient’s specimens for laboratory testing services (Wilmington Access for Teens, n.d.).Each Wellness Center has health professionals, highly-skilled licensed providers, nurse practitioner, a licensed clinical social worker, and a certified medical assistant (Wilmington Access for Teens, n.d.). The School Wellness
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