I Volunteered And The Inspiration For Choosing

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Place I volunteered and the Inspiration for choosing that place I did my volunteer work in Cathedral Kitchen. The overall coordinator of the program is My volunteering in Cathedral kitchen correlates with values I admire most. I have seen a lot of sufferings among people being born and brought up in a developing nation, Bangladesh which got its independence not long ago. There are so many poor people without access to food and shelter. While volunteering with Grameenbank back in Bangladesh I have seen what a small help can do. It simply brings a huge smile on their face. Similarly Cathedral Kitchen is doing a great job for several years. They are serving the local poor community with nutritious food. Not only that but they are also…show more content…
The four founders were all around 19 years old when they attended the International Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia and saw Mother Teresa. They got inspired and decided to help people in the community. They collected $146 from their friends and bought baloney and bread. They took the food to a church on the corner of Broad and Market and asked if they could distribute sandwiches to those who may be hungry or homeless. They got the permission for a two week trial and the rest is history. One of them Domenic Vallone, was on the board until a couple years ago and the three have since moved from the area. They operated from seven different locations before having its permanent place on Federal Street in 2008. Now they serve close to 400 guests each weeknight and sometimes even more. During weeknights they serve from 4 to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from noon to 1 p.m. The guests coming in are a mixed group with people who are homeless and on food stamps which itself is not enough to feed a full family. The nutritious meals they serve each night include homemade main entrees with drinks and desserts. Apart from the CK purchasing foods by themselves, the kitchen also receives donations from many different food distributors and grocery stores including Philabundance, BJ’s Wholesale Club, ShopRite
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