I Walk Into A Second Grade Classroom

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As I walk into a second grade classroom, I take notice of all the colorful posters and the children happily chatting. The teacher acknowledges me with a wave while she is sitting with the children reading a story. I am there to observe John who is a 7-year-old male student in the class who had been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder by the psychiatrist at Jewish Family Children’s Services. During a prior Child Study Team meeting, his teacher reported that he is constantly not on task and that his behavior is disrupting the classroom. The teacher reported that John does well academically on the work he turns in but he is missing 30% of his assignments. John reports that he lost it or forgot to do it. In addition, 40%…show more content…
At the end of my observation, I noted that he was on on-task 35% of the time. I also wrote down a summary of my observations of the antecedent, behaviors and consequences that could be contributing to the problem. The teacher was teaching a spelling lesson. The teacher was orally giving the students a vocabulary word, which they had to write in a sentence. The classroom was noisy during this activity and John completed the first two sentences but then began doodling on his paper, rocking on his chair and talking to the person next to him. When the teacher warned him to stop talking, he complied but was still lost on what word they were doing. In the follow up Child Success Team meeting, I explain to John’s parents and teacher, that John is in the developmental phase of Industry vs Inferiority. In order for John to succeed at this phase, it is important for the parents and teachers to set him up for success and then praise him. If the yelling continues, John can feel inferior, incapable of succeeding at school and his self-esteem will be affected. I also explain that John may or may not qualify for an IEP. The parents sign forms giving the school psychologist and other members of the MET team permission to assess John to determine if he has a learning disability. I also explain to the parents that if he does not qualify for an IEP he most likely will qualify for a 504 plan, which will require the teacher to make accommodation in the
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