I Walk Into The Cold Church Basement

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When I walk into the cold church basement, I am immediately overwhelmed with sounds. In one corner, a group of actors are gossiping about the show, the director, the other actors, and how well (or how poorly) everyone else is doing. On stage, some of the younger actors are practicing the dances they are having a tough time with so they can impress the older actors and the choreographer. Around the room, there are smaller groups of people talking, laughing, gossiping, and practicing. In the center of the room, Mr. Daly, our incredibly patient director, is setting up the sound system so we can begin rehearsing as soon as possible. This is my theater community in a nutshell. We gossip about each other and get in arguments over artistic…show more content…
I personally fit inside the first group of the musical theater community. I love performing in musicals and I know the songs and the plots of the more well known musicals, and of course the ones I have performed in. Unlike many of my theater friends, I don’t keep up to date on the new musicals appearing on Broadway, and I can actually count the amount of Broadway shows I’ve seen on one hand. A lot of my theater friends know all the words to many of the more contemporary musicals, and have seen countless Broadway shows, some of these shows being musicals I had never even heard of until they told me they went to a performance. While a large part of the theater community consists of actors, there is so much more that goes into putting on a show than just the people performing it. Another sub-community of the larger theater community is the stagehands. This smaller community consists of the people who work the lights and sounds, who design and paint the sets, design the costumes, and stage manage during the actual performance. This also consists of the choreographer, the person or people who blocks the scenes, and the ever important director and producer. Without each and every one of these smaller communities, the larger theater community would not be able to function. All the sub-communities are important to the theater community. Although I am less of a die hard
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