Essay on I Walk in Circles

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I walk in circles, leaving my shadows canceling out the light that pours out the windows. Windows. Windows are high up in this abandon building. I walk in a room of nothingness. I came here to get a break from the world. That’s the only reason you’d find me here. I found this place in second grade while exploring the woods. That’s when it became my hideout. I think and I breathe here. I’m mad at my mom who made the decision to get married. Why didn’t I have any input? I don’t even like this guy. His jokes are horrible and he’s irresponsible. Once, my mom couldn’t make it to my football game and, apparently, she told him to come. He never showed and when I got home at dinnertime, I asked my mom why she wasn’t there. She said,…show more content…
With my anger towards my mom right now, forgiving her is like the windows. Out of reach. I get up and habitually run my fingers through my hair but the blond strands fall back into their place. My hand reaches toward the door knob. I don’t know. Could I forgive her? Maybe apologize? I want her to be— The door won’t open. I twist the handle again outward. Forward. It doesn’t budge. I throw my body towards it, hoping it will open, but it results in a Thump! “Oh, no,” I say quietly as I throw my side into it again. “This can’t be happening,” I whisper. I look around for something to break the door with. The room is empty except some useless debris lying on the dirty, worn, wood flooring. At my tallest with arms stretched and on my toes, I can reach the bottom of the window. I can place my palms on them, barely. I have nothing to break the windows with, though, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have enough force from this position. I’d probably fall over and how would I get up there to exit? Yeah, windows are out of the option. Now I really have a reason to want wings. This used to be an old church. It’s torn apart. Wood and scraps are in a pile sitting against a rusted, falling apart bench outside the door. They tore off the second upper level next to this main building. The staircase here led to it. It seems to beckon me but I know they never repaired that part the tore off. I
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