I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud Essay

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“I wandered lonely as a cloud” is a poem written by William Wordsworth which is known as daffodils. It was published in 1815 with a new revision after realizing there were words that needed to be changed in Poet in Two Volumes edition (Abishek, 2013). This poem is one of the examples of romantic era. I love this poem because the content is related to nature. It is true with the statement from Xiaolin Huang, Feifei Pei, and Changle Fu (2014) that William Wordsworth often called himself as “A Worshiper of Nature” so everyone called him as a poet of nature. He thought that nature could illuminate the kind-heartedness and universal brotherhood of human being, and only present in harmony with the nature where human could get the truly happiness.…show more content…
According to Dorothy Wordsworth (1802), who is William Wordsworth’s sister, this poem was inspired when she and her brother went for a walk on April 15, 1802 in around Glencoyne Bay in the English Lake, Ullswater (Fred Blick, 2017). They saw many daffodils around the lake which were dancing with the flow of the wind. They were so beautiful in a yellow colour which grew in lines without any spaces among other daffodils. If we look at the title “I wandered lonely as a cloud”, readers can expect the poem is about someone who is moving alone without a certain direction. Next, the readers can realize that the title uses a simile which creates clear comparison between the subject of this poem and the cloud. Moreover, the use of the long open vowel sound in the title creates a nice effect of a wide space which also creates…show more content…
The first stanza tells that the poet was wandering alone to a place whereby yellow daffodils flies over the hills and valleys with the wind flow. These daffodils grew under the trees and were close to the lake. The breeze made these daffodils easily fluttering like they were happily dancing. While in the second stanza, the poet saw these flowers shining and twinkling brightly like stars in the Milky Way. They spread over a large area along the bay margin with a huge quantity. Moreover, in the third stanza, the poet tells that both of lake and daffodils were also dancing. He shows that the daffodils looked beautiful rather than the sparkling of the lake because the daffodils have more glee. Here he shows the loneliness gradually turning into happiness because of his companions (lake and daffodils) but he could not understand what he gained from his experience. For final stanza, it tells that whenever the poet felt loneliness, he could remember the happiness when he saw the dancing daffodils. In addition, we can take a look at the use of past tense along the poem which tells about the poet’s experience and the use of present tense is used only in the last stanza since the important message of this poem is about the reflection of the poet’s
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