I Want A Wife Research Paper

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For many decades, even centuries women have been fighting for equal rights and opportunities men have. The Equal Rights Amendment was introduced in 1923, but wasn’t ratified until 1972. Why did it take 49 years to pass an amendment that gives women equal opportunities? Wait. Why do we even need an amendment to tell us that we have now can get a job that only men do. Our equal right should be something that’s given not something that’s has to be earned, but if women equal rights weren’t written on paper advantage would be taken. The main issue facing women is fighting for their equal rights and opportunities.
One situation where some women are treated unfairly is in a marriage. In I Want a Wife, a satirical piece, by Judy Brady, she lists attributes men look for in a wife. Such as, clean the house, prepare meals type papers, and many other tasks. Tasks that portray a wife as an assistant and babysitter rather than a companion. Women shouldn’t be expected as wives to take
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First, women must come together to push for our rights. The rallies that happened on International Women’s Day showed that there is still gender inequality. Women and men should be represented equally in the work force. The rallies stirred some officials to look in the perspective of woman. Next, women should be encouraged to pursue occupations that most men control. Women shouldn’t feel like their limited to nannies or maid occupations.
In conclusion, the world has grown in gender equality, but there’s still a few problems that need to be worked out. Women need better opportunities and should have equal rights of men. Wives aren’t there just to nurture the children, make appointments, and clean. They’re humans who have goals, just like girls who want to go into science or math vocations. Women should stand up for what’s theirs and keep pushing, because if they didn’t we would live in a world of men
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