I Want For A Business Degree

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William Booth, a famous Salvation Army activist, once said, “I’ll fight” (Communications Bureau, 2007). He said, “I’ll fight while little children go hungry… I’ll fight while there remains one dark soul without the light of God” (Communications Bureau, 2007). He will fight, and so should you. There are endless things in Africa that are in need of help, and they cannot all be changed by one person. Being a missionary isn’t just about the things that will be seen, but about the places and people that need help. Preparation for this new life includes setting up resources, obtaining funding for your trips, and securing the location where a difference can be made. Young aspiring missionaries should know that although a nursing major will help in the field, a business degree will be more beneficial long term, and I chose to work towards a business degree for the opportunity to have a family, work with children, and the means to help others in the way that only I, as a missionary, can.
Having a family can be a big part of anyone’s life. It is an enriching experience that is time consuming and requires a substantial amount of effort. A person in the medical field may not be able to spend much time with their children. There is a seemingly endless amount of work to be done. Healing people requires a multitude of hours of work and, after all that, going home tired. A big part of being a parent is to show the new generation how to work and to teach them how to be successful. Never…
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