I Want For A Pet Shop Window

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"MOMMY I WANT THAT ONE IN THE window" said the little boy pulling on his mother sleeve pointing at a pet shop window where several shifter cubs were playing. As the mother and the little boy walk in to the shop David said "Hey dad can I get a pet?" "No son you still have much to learn before I will take you to get a pet. Now come along we need to get home so that we can get your homework done before lights out." said the father to his son. As they continue walking down the street David looks up at the buildings with the posters all around him. He reads one that says "Equality for all. Take Your Tests." as they stop at a cross walk. Following his father across the street he looks up at the sleek silver buildings all around him that…show more content…
Evans in a quivering voice the color draining from his face. “Okay please send down the reports to me as soon as you get them finished sir and I will file them for you.” says the concierge as she makes note of his response on her screen. Hurrying off towards the elevators David is pulled along by his father as they swipe their cards in front of the elevator waiting for it to come back down to the lobby. Staring around as they wait David notices how all the sunlight streams into every piece of the building and wonders how everything works with all the large windows. “David keeps your eyes down you know the rules outside of school.” Tells Mr. Evans to his son. “Sorry dad I didn’t mean no harm.” Says David apologetically looking down to his standard issue shoes. A few minutes later the elevator arrives and it flashes green as they pass through scanning their cards. Shooting upwards towards the top floor the elevator stops only twice to let other people off before they reach their floor. Stepping out on to the 40th floor they walk down the brightly lit hallway to their apartment at the end. Taking out their chip cards they wave it in front of the door sensor one at a time before the door unlocks and slides back. Hurrying inside they set their stuff down and begin to clean the apartment up. David goes into his room and collects all the dirty laundry in his room before moving on to his sister’s
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