I Want For Alpha Pi Alpha Sigma Pi Sigma

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1. To start off, there are various factors that have motivated me and continue to motivate my desire to be a member of Alpha Pi Sigma. For example, creating enduring bonds with girls around my age that acknowledge my origins, culture and traditions. As well, an important motivation to join the sorority is establishing a network of strong women who work hard to succeed and accomplish their goals. Mainly, I know that by joining Alpha Pi Sigma I will not only find a group of friends but, a study group and women ready to inspire one another to succeed. Another thing that motivates me is being able to help the Latino community and perform philanthropist work aimed at cancer survivors and patients. Lastly, a critical motivator is recognizing that through the sorority I will be able to build amazing memories and learn more about myself and who I am.

2. To begin, there are numerous scholastic achievements that have made me and my family proud. One of the most important scholastic achievement has been my acceptance to CSUSM. As a first generation college student, my acceptance and determination to pursue a higher education has become by far the most extraordinary scholastic achievement. Since my acceptance to CSUSM two years ago, I have been admitted to the Dean’s List three semesters. In high school, I received two years of presidential excellence for maintaining a 3.5 GPA and higher. As well, I was part of the National Honor Society in high school which has carried on to
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