I Want For Free Myself From This Disease

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To Anthony it was a cycle: He would work on houses for hours, roll carpet and come home around 1:00am, drunk and addicted. Anthony had a disease, a problem and while he tried curing his problem, he eventually would relapse. Anthony did whatever he could to stimulate what ate him inside or what obeyed his uncontrollable desire. “I will never be able to free myself from this disease.” Anthony thought, as he went to visit his mother. Anthony walked up to the door and knocked. His mom let him in and began to make Anthony a cup of coffee. “Hey darling, how are those therapy sessions?” asked his mother. “Therapy sessions are good, but I relapsed yesterday…” “Anthony! Really?” says his mother with disappointment. “I know mom. I just cannot…show more content…
In the 20th century, the Prohibition Act of 1920 was a part of alcoholic history. During this time, alcohol was banned legally. Truthfully, alcoholism has always had some effect on humans since the beginning and the point I want to portray is how evident alcohol has been a problem. Noticeably, it has always been classified less as a desire and more as a health concern.
Numerous statistics support the idea of alcoholism being a problem and can be overpowering to ones senses. Australian researchers, since the 20th century found the compatibility to alcoholism addiction and gender:
Their review and analysis, published in October, showed that men born in the early 20th century were more than twice as likely as women to drink and three times as likely to have an alcohol problem--but for those born closer to the end of the century, those ratios were 1.1 and 1.2 to 1, respectively. In other words, the difference between male and female drinking had all but disappeared (1). Ideally, alcohol consumption has always been an existent problem. As previously described, a study was used to classify men more likely to have alcohol problems, back in the 20th century, than women did. Drinking is not over, which is clear; however, it is only increasing with time. At the end of the day, I strongly want to convey just how relevant drinking is. Medicine and self-control training can minimize an alcoholic addiction. Treatment of Alcoholism—Part II, from the Harvard

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