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Statement of Purpose
“God would laugh when human beings think,” a popular saying goes like this. I don’t know how much truth there is in this saying, but if human beings stop thinking, they will be no long called human beings, will they? I recall this popular saying when I’m writing the present statement because it is my incessant thinking that has been inspiring my thirst for and persevering pursuit of knowledge. It is through this pursuit that I have been tempering myself and adding value to my life.
Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the way things work, from dismantling and maintaining my own bike to modelling a lift for apartments as a part of a science exhibition; my curiosity was directed at unravelling the functioning of devices. Egged on by my parents and teachers and my innate predilection for science and technology, a mechanical engineering degree was the logical
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My undergraduate program was a judicious mix of theory and practice. Fascinating subjects like Operation Research, Engineering management, Automobile engineering, Total Quality Management, Process planning and cost estimation, Marketing management and Advanced IC engines compelled me to seek extended knowledge outside the realm of my syllabus. These not only enhanced my learning but also reflected in my excellent academic grades.
During the last year of my engineering, I had selected project of “Modelling and analysis of Gas turbine blade”. It was too complicated and highly ambitious. The main target of that project was to optimize material selection cost of turbine blade for different operating temperature. For that I had undergone training of Creo and Ansys software from my coach. Finally, I had established a proper material selection procedure for price optimization which can save lots of money in industries. It was well praised by our Head of the department
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