I Want My Kids To Be Raised Essay

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How I Want My Kids to Be Raised Some people can not wait to have kids, while others can wait to have kids. Regardless if you have kids then you will need to raise them. Parenting is not easy and you will face many challenges raising your kids. Especially, raising them how you would want them to be raised. I do not plan on having any kids anytime soon but if I did I figure the biggest challenge for me to raise them how I want to see them would be: Raise them without any video games, teaching them right from wrong, and to respect all. The first challenge would to raise them without any video games. I was raised on not having any video games, and so far i’ve lived. But the main reasons why I plan on raising them without video games is, because sometimes when you play the games too much it’s hard to tell fake from reality. Like you could do harm to others and not even notice that you’ve done it. Then I would not allow them to have them is for them to keep up their grades at school. My grades has been good so far and I don’t have video games, so theirs can too.…show more content…
I’m sure every parent wants to do that, but now days it is hard to teach kids that not because of the parents, but how widely wrong is accepted by society. I do not want to see my future kids grow up doing the wrong thing after I taught them right. The main reason for that is because maybe if they do the right things then they can get others to start to do right and make the world better. The third and one of the biggest challenges i’d face while raising my kids is to teach them how to respect everybody. There is many reasons why I say that. Mostly because respect earns you things, mostly others respect, but even with that it takes you up on the social scale. Then respect with respect maybe it will make my kids more likable. I grew up giving people respect even if I do not think they deserve
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