I Want To Ask A Chief Essay

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“Keep Calm and Ask the Chief”, this phrase, which is a play off the British motivational poster from World War Two, did more than bring a smile to my face. That phrase helped me understand that a Chief is more than a title more than an anchor on one’s collar a Chief is a mentor and leader. I want to be a Cadet Chief because they represent what I strive to be, however, at this moment I do not deserve to be a Cadet Chief Petty Officer. Ever since April 1, 1893, Chiefs have been mentoring and leading new, young sailors with their bountiful experience. As a Cadet Chief Petty Officer, I wish to do the same to the newly arriving NS1’s for Granby NJROTC. Furthermore, I want to a better mentor as I am going to be the Vice President or President of Granby’s mentoring program next school year and the wisdom I will gain from going through Cadet Chief Initiation is something I want to pass on to my fellow peers. To further testify this ideal one would only need to look at the history of the charge book for its initial purpose was to hold the information of a Chief’s wisdom and knowledge so that…show more content…
For example, Cadet Chief Petty Officer Nichols for the Marksmanship team could not ask for a better team commander and when it is my turn to take control of the reins I hope to live up to the legacy he will leave behind. His leadership before and after he made Cadet Chief had led us to our first trophy as a team and for Granby NJROTC this year. We had also more than doubled the number of permanent team members and expanded our equipment to better prepare for the future of the marksmanship team. Another prime example of a Cadet Chief leadership is my class leader Cadet Chief Petty Officer Grathwohl for he always knew what needed to be done and whenever the class became too rowdy was always able to get it under control. It is their level of leadership as Cadet Chiefs that makes me want to become a Cadet Chief of Granby
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