I Want To Attend Medgar Evers College

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I am a sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend, niece, and cousin. I am my own person. I carry myself with pose and sophistication. I am a person, who makes many mistakes, and learn from them and not make them twice. Like every other person I smile, cry, laugh, and loves. I am an emotional person who cries whenever I need to and is not embarrassed to express myself in that manner. I need hugs and kisses from my loved ones and I give them back with no hesitation. I am who I am through my sorrow, pain, loses, gains, and heartbreaks. I am that person who tries to pick you up when your down, laugh when you want to cry, and is there when you want to talk. I have a great shoulder for people to lean on .I listens and will shut up until you are…show more content…
College is a life changing adventure, and I want it to be the best experience I can possibly receive. Attending Medgar Evers College, I have set high hopes and expectations. I hope to interact with people of diverse ethnicity. I want to learn more about different cultures and the individualization of people. And so far getting to know people on campus has been one of my greatest experiences. I have met so many wonderfully different people here. I hope to develop more independence. To be more responsible for keeping up with my schoolwork, preparing for tests, and making most out of my classes, even when they start early. Being successful in college is about more than handing your work in on time and passing classes. It’s about staying motivated. I know for a fact there will be a lot of demanding of my time. I know that procrastinating is not the best way of approaching situations. It is my responsibility to try to regularly motivate myself, even if it’s pulling…show more content…
I want to be an aspiring educator. Becoming an educator had been instilled in my mind at a young age. With my determined drive and enthusiastic personality, I will do everything in my power to achieve that. I would definitely state that I am a sufficient at time management. I make enough leisure time for my friends, and family. On the weekends I participate in the steel orchestra at my church. This instrument is indeed a divine way to release stress. In addition to playing the steel pan I also enjoy dancing and singing. I mostly dance for fun however, throughout my high school and middle school years I have participated in the school choir. I attended a performing arts school for both high school and middle; therefore, I was exposed to all the diversity of dancing singing, creative expression and visual art. Growing up it was vital for me to be a well-rounded student; I tried to include extracurricular activities besides school work in to my daily
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