I Want To Be A Counselor Application Essay

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Introduction I believe that I have many skills and experiences that will allow for me to be a great counselor. I have seen first hand, experienced first hand, and learned to deal with things first hand. I experience anxiety, but have learned how to cope and deal with it. It is not always easy when there are so many things that can be thrown at you through life. I have a lot of motivation, qualities, experiences, and goals that I can bring to counseling.
What motivated me the most to enter a helping profession was high school. All through high school I saw children being bullied, stressed out trying to be someone they were not, and pushed down for being slightly different. Counseling is a profession that allows people to listen
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I am a good listener, great encourager, research oriented, I am also very compassionate and sympathetic. These are all really good qualities to have that will make a very good and opening environment for clients. People all want to feel welcomed and invited into places. My personality will provide a welcoming environment along will all of the qualities I…show more content…
I know how to listen, be persistent, trust worthy, and open minded. I also have had plenty of experiences that can help me to relate to other clients I may come in contact with. This will allow me to be more effective as a counselor. I have many goals as a young aspiring counselor. I think that the standards and goals I have for myself will allow me to uphold high standards for all my clients, which will show them that I believe in them. I have the personality, drive, and want to help people and this is why I chose the counseling profession. It will not always be easy, but it will always be rewarding knowing I did help someone, or at least tried to. It takes one person to make a positive impact and change someone’s life. I want to be that
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