I Want To Be A Mexico Essay

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Proud, friendly, and enjoyable, Mexicans are certainly the people the most valuable and alive I know. The Mexican culture, full of history and diversity is without doubt one of the culture I connect the most with. The country is beautiful and scenic. The capital, Mexico City is full of beauties. Having the opportunity to spend a summer studying at ITESM Ciudad De Mexico and immersing myself completely into this culture is more than a dream. This adventure will allow me to gain personal skills, but will also give me more professional career opportunities. Because of my love for adventures, my curiosity, and my open-minded, I know I could be a great representation of the University of Texas at Austin at ITESM. My primary goal…show more content…
Speaking Spanish is really important nowadays. It is one the most spoken languages in the world and the second in the United States. It is also really important for my future career. I consider a career as an International lawyer for human rights. I would like to work between the European continent and the American one. Speaking Spanish will help me to resolve even more issues and will give me more responsibilities in my job. Embracing life to the fullest, I know that I could make our University really proud. Beside some political tensions between Mexico and the US, I want to show that Americans are open-minded and are full of love for our neighbor country. The chance of studying in a beautiful university located in one of the most incredible city is the world is unbelievable. This experience could provide me everything I need for personal and professional enrichments. Immersing myself into the Mexican culture for a summer could only make me a stronger person. I have no doubt that I could be a remarkable representative of the University of Texas at Austin, but as well, a great image of the United States for
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