I Want To Be A Music Therapist Essay

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According to James Madison University's website, Music is a very prominent entity embedded in millions’ of people’s lives. Music has the ability to change a person’s emotions, just through the different chords, lyrics, and structure. Over time, society has generated many different uses for music, one being its benefit in the therapeutic field. One unique occupation, that I personally have taken an interest in, would be profession in music therapy.. As a result of my creative, music oriented, sensitive and idealistic nature, I have decided to further my pursuit of a career in the field of Music Therapy at the reputable James Madison University. Ultimately, my goal is to help people conquer their fears, emotional damage, disorders and mental disabilities through music.
After high school, the first step to becoming a Music Therapist, would be to attend Germanna Community College, and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher to be able to take advantage of JMU’s automatic transfer program (“Guaranteed Admissions Agreement”). After I, hopefully, achieve an associate's degree in my general education at Germanna, I will transfer to James Madison University to study Music Therapy and
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According to the Myers Briggs Test, I am an INFP, which means I am “creative, smart, idealistic,” and many more that would make Music Therapy very easy and fun ("Keirsey Temperament Website”). As a music therapist, you will have to “assess the emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication abilities, and cognitive skills through musical responses” ("American Music Therapy Association"). This also would be a good profession for me because I enjoy helping people. I enjoy the satisfying feeling of knowing I did good in someone’s life. Due to my personal fascination with music and my previous experience with music, I believe I could naturally perform my
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