I Want To Be A Physical Therapist Essay

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Some take years searching for the perfect career but for others the perfect career finds you… I was blessed with a child with “special needs”. I am finally at the point in my life where I can see this blessing. At the age of one, I began to notice subtle changes in my son. Concerned, I sought out medical advice. At this time my son had medical issues that outweighed the social/emotional and behavioral issues of my concern. At the age of three my son required surgery to address his medical issues. I continued to voice my concerns with medical professional and continually felt as if my voice was unheard. It wasn’t until my son started second grade that I found a doctor who actually listen and the evaluations began. My son has since been given multiple diagnoses. Since the second grade, he has been treated with numerous medications to control his behavior but that is about as far as…show more content…
Reaching out to the public schools and the community, I have found that most programs are geared towards children under the age of five. Out of frustrations I decided enough is enough. If I will not stand up and advocate for my child then who will? I have always been on the fence about Grad school. I am currently a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. I love my patients and the work that I do. So, I struggle with choosing between a profession I know and love or a profession that seems to be calling me. If I am faced with this issue of finding assistance for my child, then how many others families are faced with this problem as well? I feel as if my situation was predestined for me to be an advocate for other families as well. My short term goals after graduating OT school is specialize in Pediatrics and possibly School Systems. I would also like to research and develop a model to better integrate service for school age children that is also cost effective for families. My long term goals include founding a school with a focus on Sensory Integration Therapy that also provides
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