I Want To Be A Teacher

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I knew I wanted to be a teacher my sophomore year in high school when I took U.S. History. I felt so interested in the past of my teacher taught us how the United States may be a head of some countries, we are not the best. She taught us about that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Two years later I took a class of War and my teachers quote was “History repeats itself”. This goes back to my United States history class that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learned from them. From that I have decided I wanna be the teacher that doesn’t keep information from students and help students make logical arguments. I want my students to know that the U.S has made mistakes. I want them to love our country for our faults and not be blind to the facts of the past.
I think the type of teacher I want to be is the teacher that students can come to when they need any kind of help. If they want to brag about accomplishments or someone to talk about life. High school is a big transition period for many people and sometimes it’s good to know you have someone. All of my history teachers were those people because they were able to make education fun. I think that with high school it’s important to remember that this is a period where kid determine whether to go to college or not and if they don’t enjoy learning they will not want to continue. I plan on having videos for what I am teaching and different projects for them to do. I want to be able to teach students
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