I Want To Be An Actuary Essay

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Do you like math? Would you like to help people face some of life’s uncertainties? If so, become an actuary. They specialize in life, health, property, or accident insurance. I believe that college is important in order to become an actuary. To become an actuary, there are certain duties, talents, and a higher education that is needed. The duties include: analyzing data to estimate the probability of events such as accidents, determining prices for insurance policies based on the risks involved, and helping companies develop and administer pension plans. Next, some useful talents needed to become an actuary are being an excellent communicator, enjoying math, and being able to work with computers. Also, it is helpful to have a higher education. Many colleges offer actuarial science degrees, but in order to become an actuary, you must pass exams offered by Casualty Actuarial Society or Society of Actuaries. You may retake these tests as many times as needed. Now, not only would you want to take these college courses, but also in high school…show more content…
The average income for an actuary is 100,610 dollars a year. Some similar jobs are accountants, auditors, budget analysts, and financial analysts. Next, some reasons why to choose this job are by the year 2024 there will be an 18 percent increase in actuary jobs, you can work almost anywhere, and it’s an enjoyable job if you admire math. Now you know numerous details about actuaries. If you want to become an actuary you must know the duties, education, special skills, income, related jobs, and why to be an actuary. Also, you must have a plan, and I believe that college is important in order to become an actuary. In conclusion, please remember if you enjoy math and wish to help people face some of life’s uncertainties become an
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