I Want To Be Free Essay

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I’ve always felt that that I’m at a constant battle against myself. If I must say, from my personal experience, I’m struggling to keep myself together. I keep calm outside but on the inside, I just feel a rush and craziness. I want to be free from the people who are judgemental, to be at peace, to be at a place where you can listen the chirping of birds, listen to the gurgling of river. I quite like it when I’m alone drown in my own thoughts. When I say, “I want to be free” I mean “I have no limits, I can do whatever I want”. After working for 3 years, I was burnt out at work and wanted to rediscover myself and I could only think of travelling. But I always had this feeling that something is wrong. Neither I’d the money nor intention of wanderlust. I was just lost or maybe I want freedom of expression without being ending up in jail. I don’t know it yet. But one thing was sure and that was: I want to experience the world through the eyes of others. Living the lives of others or living with them provides you a window to enter their lives. I have always believed that travel breaks you free. My mind was conditioned to travel. I had changed almost a dozen schools by the time I completed my graduation. Oh boy!…show more content…
I escape from the place where I spent most of the time. My mind is suddenly made aware of all the errant ideas that I suppressed. I think of obscure possibilities and this relaxed state of mind has helped me, especially, when I am trying to sort out important decisions of my life. For example, I had to take decision to resign from the job and which institute I should join? To be very frank, I wanted to free from this decision too. I wanted to escape but couldn’t. I was in oblivion what happens to my future and whether it’s a right decision. But what helped me was my escape from the job and the entire free time in the world to think
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