I Want To Be In 10 Years Research Paper

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Have you ever thought about what you wanted to do or become in ten years? In order to be successful by my ten year reunion I must graduate high school, go to college, and learn different skills from my major. Lastly get into a practice of my field such as an internship or private practice with someone from your field of study.
The career I want in ten years is to be in family lawyer. I want to be in my own office getting and working on cases. The important stepping stone to get to that would be for me to at least finish two years of college to be able to get into the paralegal program. There I will be working behind the lawyers as I learn and grow I will be see if being a lawyer is really for me. I will work as a paralegal all through out
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If the absent parent does not comply I will make sure they suffer the consequences, and repercussions they deserve. I also thing telling people my story would be a great help because they will see how I was growing up and how its important to be there for your child. A child needs a mom and a dad one parent should not have to raise one or more children alone it takes two parents to make it work. Just because the parents are divorced or they broke up does not mean that the absent parent has to stop coming around or even stop paying to help with the child. That child is still your responsibility.
The career path I have chosen can bring me fulfilment by being able to get families back on track. The more I'm successful in my job the more motivated I will be to contiune and grow and get better. I will be the one who defends the child or teen, and I want them to have the best care from there absent parent. I also want to get the parent to pay the child support, and be apart of his or her life. Its not all about the money the child likes to know that they are loved by there parent. This is important because it will show how much I care about the people in my community, and about the children's well
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