I Want To Become A Physical Therapist Essay

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Everyday I want to wake up a better person, and one way to be able to do that is this class. My reason for taking this class is too become a better writer and speaker.I want to develop my soft skills so i can be confident when talking to both professional and regular individuals on a daily basis. One thing I’m looking forward to learning is effective business writing and speaking. I wan’t to master those skills because my career goal is to become a real estate broker. With that in mind I will need to be able to communicate my vision to clients so that business goes smoothly and effectively. The reason I chose that career was because my mom is a realtor, and with her combine knowledge and contacts i’ll be able fully utilize my skills from the start without having to build a reputation.…show more content…
Being a physical therapist or gym owner has be a dream of mine so going back to school for that would be amazing. Right now I am interning at a local mortgage company, Pacific Bay Mortgage. I am in charge of there marketing and CRM. Being a Loan Officer is my back up plan if the Real Estate option doesn't work out. When I am not slaving away at my internship you can find me working out, playing video games or at school. My favorite hobby is competitive wifi pokemon battling many believe its just some children's game but in fact it is an strategic game similar to chess. Another hobby that I enjoy doing is biking with my little brother. Since I do actives such as those my communication skills are lacking. By lacking I mean it is sometimes hard to hold a conversation, or I tend to forget what I’m going to say. The confidence isn’t there and I hope that by taking this class it can help me to become a better
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