I Want To Become A Teacher

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Children have the opportunity to grow, but they all need to start somewhere. Choosing a career in teaching means being a part of a child’s growth, no matter what age. The reasons to why I want to become a teacher are to leave an impact on my students, have every day be a new experience, and because I understand the importance of education. Every year, every day, and every second leaves a chance to influence a child’s life. The first day of class can be nerve-racking for both the students and the teacher, but as the time goes on, the nerves settle. They each start becoming more comfortable with one another, all while the teacher is learning about each individual student. Some students are going to appear to be perfectly fine, while others are easier to spot when they need help, but that doesn’t mean they’re different from one another. I want to be able to encourage every student to do their best and not be afraid to ask for help, even if it’s not related to their education. My classroom should feel safe, I want my students to love coming to class every morning, smiling. Being a teacher shouldn’t mean only focusing on a student’s education, but also to be inspiring; encouraging the students to fulfil their potential and watching them achieve amazing things they didn’t even know they could. If a student is ever in need of guidance, I want them to be able to trust me enough to help them make decisions, even if it means believing in a kindergartener who wants to become an

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