I Want To Become A Teacher

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I decided to become a teacher, because of my passion for helping others and education. My teachers growing up influenced me greatly and instilled in me the enthusiasm for learning in all aspects. As they not only taught me the essential school curriculum, but they also instilled in me the ability to appreciate education and the profession. I want to teach High School English either eleventh or twelfth grade. I want to teach upper level English course, because of my interest literature and writing efficiency. These grade levels are important in the aspect that it paves the way for higher student learning and preparation for life. It is also in this time that allows for a deeper understanding about literature and how that relates to greater ideas about life. Some professional skills that will help me on my career path to becoming an English teacher, include my content knowledge. I have an extensive background in literature, which includes the ability to critically analyze literature of my varieties. I am also well versed in compositional skills. In addition to my content knowledge of the English subject, I have the ambition to share my passion and knowledge about all aspects of the subject to my future students. Oklahoma State University’s L.E.A.D.S core values, has set an example for what I strive to achieve in my professional career. As a future teacher, leadership, professionalism, human growth, diversity, and service orientation are the foundation for success in this
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