I Want To Go To High School

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This statement about me and my high school years is something I would like you to take into consideration. Growing up I didn't have much, I come from a small family that went through a lot. I can sit here and talk about all the things I didn't have, but I'm not. I can tell you one thing I didn't have was a cool mohawk in fourth grade. I realize your school has what I want to gain from my college experiences. In return I will contribute to the University as a person with leadership qualities who takes initiative and participates in school events.
My parents struggle has been an inspiration to me. They came from Ethiopia a country in Eastern Africa. They both came to America about 16 years ago by winning an immigrant visa, at the time my father was in the navy, and was deported to Yemen. My mom went with him this was the first chapter in their lives together. They
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In early 2016 I started my first small business Pulito Outfitters. Pulito means clean in Italian. Pulito Outfitters is a clothing line I began with a friend, and this is just the beginning of my business career. Im currently working on my second clothing line Fear None. The reason why I have two is because I want to target a different audience with each. I'm striving for greatness at a young age and I won't stop until I’m satisfied. I didn't do a lot of the typical things that High School student do such as going out with friends and stuff. I was always working either academically,athletically, on my businesses, and building stronger relationship with friends and God. High school was a very important part of my life I learned a lot about myself.
My high school career had ups and downs. I've witnessed things not every student experiences such as a friend passing away. This really made me work harder because you never know what can happen. I think differently than most for example I do what makes me happy I don't necessarily want to be just like everyone
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