I Want To Join The Atlanta Hawks Organization

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I am interested in joining the Atlanta Hawks’ family because of the organization’s long history of success among its team, and fans, and marketing partnerships with high-profile brands. However, most importantly, my reasoning for wanting to join the Atlanta Hawks organization because of the relationships and experiences that the Atlanta Hawks produces for both fans and brands alike. The Atlanta Hawks provides exciting and engaging partnership activations with companies such as Delta, McDonald's, and the Georgia Lottery. With the Atlanta Hawks partnering with a variety of brands, the Hawks provides their fans and brands alike the opportunity to establish and increase the reach and notoriety of the variety of brands that have partnered with the…show more content…
Nevertheless, as I have matured, my passion for basketball and the Hawks’ organization evolved from simply being a fan of the team to being inspired and motivated to be a part of an organization revered for its long history of success. I knew that with my passion for sports and prior experience of fan engagement that working in the world of sport marketing and promotions would be the perfect fit. My passion within sport management and marketing even lead me to get my master’s degree in Sport Management to become well-versed and knowledgeable about the industry. It excites me to know that working with a sport franchise as successful as the Atlanta Hawks can provide me with the opportunity to live out a lifelong dream of working alongside creative, motivated, and upbeat individuals much like myself to promote and market new and establish client’s accounts to customers. I could not consider another organization better than the Hawks that would offer me a challenging, creative, and friendly environment that will allow me to grow and develop my skills in marketing. I will assure you that I will be a great addition to the Atlanta Hawks’
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