I Want To Pursue A Degree In Kinesiology

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I have always been interested in physical activities and how it can influence an individual’s mental and physical health. My passion towards athletics developed at a young age as I have been involved in various sports including swimming and tennis. Moreover, my desire to study Kinesiology stems from the technological development and its impact on modern society. As technology advances, it allows for many individuals to become dependent on their devices thus proposing health risks. I wish to pursue a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree in hopes to promote a healthier lifestyle amongst society and gain a greater understanding of how physical movements can affect the human body. Furthermore, my experience as a cooperative education student at Humber…show more content…
My experience also enabled me to understand how an individual’s mentality, anatomy, and body movements can contribute to the overall progress of healing as it requires a lot of patience and motivation. Therefore, pursuing a degree in Kinesiology would be my greatest desire as I want to help individuals heal through methods of physical movements and because I believe it encompasses two of my favourite subjects, science and physical education. Throughout my experience in high school, my interest in health and physical activities has only grown stronger. As an illustration, over the past four years, I have been involved in various sports such as the varsity girl’s soccer team, varsity girl’s flag football team, and badminton…show more content…
In addition, I have received a certificate for completing a customer service and leadership training where we explored how factors like words and physical gestures can contribute to becoming an effective leader and service provider. Likewise, other circumstances that helped me pursue leadership opportunities lies within my association with the dramatic arts council where we promoted dramatic art related activities. Specific occasions that enabled me to present my leadership skills include events where we invited students from different elementary schools to show them the high school and dramatic arts environment. My leadership potential is evident through my interactions with the students because I have to organize activities and think of solutions for possible issues that may arise. In doing so, we also wanted students to understand that dramatic arts includes writing creative pieces and technological effects like sound and lighting, not just
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