I Want To Pursue My Bachelor's Degree In Emergency Management

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To accomplish anything in life, you must set goals. These goals must be realistic and achievable. Two years ago, I was at a point in my life that I never believed I would see. I was finally at my associate’s degree graduation day. Becoming at teen mom at 17, college had never even crossed my mind. This was a moment in my life where I was able to not be your average teen mom statistic. Continuing to better my life and my daughter’s I set a new goal after graduation to achieve my bachelor’s degree. After speaking with UMUC counselors, I decided to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Social Science with a minor in Emergency Management. Currently, I am in my final two classes at UMUC with a scheduled graduation date of May 15. Why did I choose Social Science? A social science degree will allow me to learn about social issues from different perspectives, communicate with a diverse audience, and develop strong critical thinking skills. I believe that with my knowledge from social science courses it will help me excel in emergency management. Emergency management specializes in helping communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters in…show more content…
However, I am currently in the process of being hired by the District of Columbia Fire Department but this is only a step in the right direction. I strongly believe that with my education further opportunities will arise for me, than just being a firefight / emt. Although, I have had my eyes on being a professional firefighter for many years, I wish to use my education in the behind the scenes work. My love for the fire department started at a very young age. Growing up my grandmother became very ill at a young age; this is where I first found interest in the medical field. The passion that countless doctors, nurses, medical staff, and fire department members had for a stranger encouraged me to pursue my career in this
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