I Want To Pursue My Degree In College

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In the near future I plan on finishing my senior year of high school here at Ellington Academy and I plan on attending a community college of my choice here in Michigan taking classes for photography such as a filmmaking class and/or graphic communications as I do now at the Kent Career Technical Center, furthering my knowledge and experience of that field.

I intend on having art as my major in college. I specifically became interested in art because of an important event in my life when I was younger. A very close loved one I had used to love art and would draw whatever I could imagine for me in extreme detail in little time. This exposed me to my interest of art. Then, one day, this loved one passed away. I mourned this person’s death for a few years. About three years later I began thinking missing that person's artwork and I didn’t have any to remember them by. So I wanted to learn how to draw. I then began to self-teach myself. After a few years I began to grow deeper in the art field and
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I’m still deciding on what college(s) I want to attend in the near future but i’m doing my best to make college life easier on myself. I’m planning ahead of time and preparing myself right now to make things easier on myself later on in my life later on such as: having a job, saving up money, obtaining early college credits, applying to and doing research on colleges, and trying to keep my grades up in high school.

In conclusion, It may have taken a while for me to choose a career path but I eventually chose to become a photographer, to travel the world and take pictures to keep memories of the good times and possibly even the bad ones to reflect back on. I have other careers that I chose to fall back on such as accounting, animation, interpreter, camera operator, etc. Although I would prefer to stay in the art
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