I Want To Pursue My Writing

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Generating worlds and realities from only letters and ink on a page never ceases to fascinate me. Ever since I picked up my first notebook and pen to write when I was five, I have continued spending my spare moments writing till this day. I love the concept of sharing the magic and journeys of the stories I have made, so as I continue my adventure in academics it is essential for me to continue writing. Writing is an important part of my life, and John Hopkins provides many opportunities for me to not only continue my passion but strive in it. I was elated to see many of the creative writing clubs offer publishing options like the club Word Planet, and I plan on being involved in these clubs throughout my experience in college. Another recent passion and extracurricular that I discovered last year was ceramics. Whenever I create a piece, I strive to make it unique and push the boundaries of my imagination, making bowls or miniature palaces that…show more content…
My first experience with volunteering at a soup kitchen when I was twelve impacted me enormously, and I sought out different programs that I could be involved in, knowing that the little time I put in could tremendously affect another person’s life for the better. As equal as my passion for helping the homeless, I also care deeply for those who suffer from mental disabilities. I can continue carrying my passion for others through a few of the John Hopkins clubs, such as Hopkins Helping the Homeless and the Active Minds @ JHU.
Many universities offer an array of clubs; however, John Hopkins encourages an environment that will create an enriching, diverse life for their students. As a student who pursues many different creative avenues, I am able to continue them through John Hopkins and possibly even explore and discover more things through the four hundred undergraduate programs
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