I Want a Wife

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A Modern Day Slave

Judy Brady’s “I Want a Wife,” speaks out against the stereotypes of modern society on women with a sarcastic humor. She wants the reader to respect the role of a woman. She emphasize how important a wife is to a man, she then went on to explain how men expect so much from their wives with nothing in return. Also how outrageous their task as a wife is, how some things are just too demanding and unfair.

“I belong to that classification of people know as wives. I am A Wife. And, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother.” Judy Brady’s opening statement to “I Want a Wife,’. With that opening
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Judy Brady later on vividly describes the sexual desires a husband demands from his wife. She has to make love passionately and eagerly when he feel like it, but she’s not allowed to demand sexual attention from her husband when he’s not in the mood for it. A wife has to take full responsibility of all her husband sexual needs and wants. She takes responsibility of birth control if he wishes to not have any more children and understand that his sexual needs could be fulfilled with someone else also, while she remains sexually faithful to him.
If a husband found new love with another woman whose more suitable as a wife better than the one he currently has then he has every right to replace her for the once he finds more suitable for his liking. He then is entitled to a new start, a new life style and wife. His ex-wife will then be solely responsible for the children so that he could be free and not have to worry about anything that’s in his past life. That shows that a wife is just pawn in a man life of chess, she helps him reach his goal in life but she could easily be dispose or replace when he wants to.
When the husband finally finishes with school and have a job then and only his wife is allowed to quit her job to remain at home so she can fully take and improve on her daily wife duties she were always required to do while she had a job. Judy Brady then end her essay with this quote ‘My God, who wouldn’t want a wife?”. She achieved her
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