I Want to Become a Dentist

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"I enjoy teaching children about prevention and how to keep their teeth healthy. But most of all I love hearing their stories and sharing the magical view of the world." My career plan is to study becoming a dentist because it is my dream job since when I was a little girl. My skills, activities, and interests depend on the job that I had up to this point in my life led me to believe that I will enjoy and be good at the dentist. Most people never knew that tooth ache will cause of symptoms like heart attack, ear infections, and sinuses, which an air passages of the cheek bones. My goal throughout the future is to help people who have a hard time on their teeth because it has many nerves that can affect the heart and brain that could be dangerous. Since when I was a little girl, I always have doctor's toy tools and kept asking everyone to open their mouths. It was quite funny when they saw a girl like me who wants to be dentist. During school years, I am really good at science and mathamitics. I remember my biology teacher always told me, "Biology is a new language." It got me interested because learning new language goes step by step instead forgeting chapters that people thinks it is not important. I believe studying human body and how it works help me improve how to fix a person's teeth. I always study in the quiet enviroment to achieve my goals. Chemistry is really fun to learn because it is all about math and science. High school experiences are really difficult

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