I Want to Become a Forensic Psychologist

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Forensic Psychologist Shows like “Criminal Minds” have made the forensics psychologist field progress. What do forensic psychologist do? “Forensic psychologist is the application of the science and profession of psychology to questions and issues relating to law and the legal system.” (An Overview of Forensic Psychology, 2014)The career I want to engage in is forensic psychologist but first you have to learn the work environment, the education, the earnings, the outlook, the pros, and the cons. “With numerous portrayals in books, movies and television programs, interest in forensic psychology has grown significantly in recent years.” (An Overview of Forensic Psychology, 2014) The work environment of forensic psychologist varies widely. “Working hours are typically nine to five, with some flexibility required. Evening and weekend work may occasionally be necessary.” (Forensic Psychologist, 2012) Most of the time you will always be on the call. Being on call means at any time you could get a call and have to drop what you are doing and go tend to what the call was about. As a trainee you are supervised then as time progresses and you progress the supervision becomes less. “Forensic psychologist work not only with prisoners and offenders but also with other professionals involved in the judicial penal systems, and with victims of crime.”(Forensic Psychologist: Job Description, Ed. AGCAS, Aug 2012) To become a forensics psychologist I will at least need to have a
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